This sign-up page is secured and your information entered is protected. You can "Exit" the application process at any time and your agreement is not complete until your complete Step 4, the Enrollment and Training fee.

Instructions for Completing the LC Agreement

1. Fill out the Personal and Contact information.

Please provide all of the requested. Ainsworth Financial Mortgage Corporation and its affiliates and subsidiaries are required by Federal law to obtain your Social Security Number for commission and tax reporting purposes, including your current address, e-mail address, phone numbers and date of birth.

2. Read and Accept the Ainsworth Financial Mortgage Corporation Loan Coordinator Agreement

Please review and accept the terms of the AFMC Loan Coordinator Agreement. You can print a copy of the Agreement for your records.

3. New to the Industry

AFMC is uniquely structured to recruit and help train individuals who are new to the mortgage industry and currently does not hold a NMLS license in the state of California. Enrollment Fee of $100 (Includes your access for trainings, personal email, and personal landing page and is covered under AFMC E&O policy.

4. Online Payment - Enrollment and Training fee

You will be asked to pay a non-refundable enrollment fee as part of the Application. Please have the exact name on your credit card, expiration date, and billing.

Additional Information and Disclaimers

1. AFMC currently only accepts Applications from individuals residing in the United States. Applicants are responsible for determining any residency in the United States.

2. The Enrollment Fee is non-refundable and covers the costs associated with AFMC Loan Coordinator program, weekly trainings, access to your Agent Back office and client monitoring systems, and corporate administrative support in archiving client applications.

3. At AFMC, we take maintaining personal and client data safe very seriously. AFMC, its affiliate and its lender partners are not responsible in any manner for damage or injury that may occur from use of this site or the willful or unintentional interception of your personal data by a third party. Your use of AFMC websites and administrative systems are provided "as is" and without warranties of any kind, either express or implied. Any loan coordinators attempt to compromise any AFMC sites or its proprietary information shall be subject to immediate termination and possible legal recourse.

4. AFMC does not guarantee approval of your Application and we reserve the right to decline your application(s) if you violate the letter and spirit of any rule. AFMC is to support each loan coordinators ability to succeed and for any loan coordinators attempt to do what is in the best interest of the client.

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Note: If you make any changes to the bank info, you must notify us and fax the changes to our office. Thank you.

Certification and Authorization

By typing my name below, I certify under penalty of perjury, that all data, including my Social Security Number, is correct as it appears in this Application. I further certify under penalty of perjury that all information contained in this Application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

In addition, I hereby authorize Ainsworth Financial Mortgage Corporation to use and/or release the information provided in this Application to authorized employees and/or contractors for the purpose of processing my Application and for other reasonable and necessary purposes.